Our Mission


Empowering our generation. One global movement. The Race to end slavery.


Who we are


We are a generation informed, motivated, mentored, and equipped to lead the movement to end modern slavery.


Our approach


Social Entrepreneurship

We work with high school students to set up and execute all 24 Hour Races. Each year hundreds of eager students apply and go through an application process to become a Student Director or a Committee Member. We work with and aim to transform students to become social entrepreneurs innovators. We strive to empower by offering mentorship, structure, and guidance throughout the process of organising 24 Hour Race events.

We work with the students around the world to establish business rules, feedback and support systems for their teams, and allow them to map out a plan to develop the resources, partners, and support to build a 24 Hour Race. Despite a strategic framework, the Race will pose a challenge requiring perseverance, creativity, and determination to be a force for good.


Fundraising & Awareness

Raising funds and awareness about modern slavery in high schools is one of the most important roles student leaders have. During this time period, student leaders receive the most direct support to help them through the stress and challenges of event management, philanthropic advocacy, and the responsibility of an entire community.

Leading up to race day the student leaders organise awareness events at their schools, a speaking tour where an HQ representative flies over to talk about modern slavery & the 24 Hour Race, and other advocacy-oriented events. In addition, we work with ethical businesses and charities around Asia and the US to partner with others fighting the same fight.


Leadership Cycle


The 24 Hour Race has had the honor of working with over 600 passionate student leaders. Each student leaders goes through our Leadership Cycle and forms what we call the Organizing Committee. Each cycle lasts for 7-9 months, taking students on a journey of growth, excellence, and endurance.


1. Recruitment


Roles on the Organizing Committee are headed by the Executive Director; Business Development Director; Operations Director; Community Director; and Marketing Director. Directors go through an extensive application process and are selected by 24 Hour Race’s HQ. Each Director works with 3-4 role-specific Committee Members who make up the remaining spots of the Organizing Committee.

2. Social Entrepreneurship


This is an opportunity for members of the Organizing Committee in each city to be part of an international coalition of impressive student leaders, to learn from each other, and develop their skills leading up to the 24 Hour Race. We provide seminars, trainings, and placements in internships with partner organisations for Organizing Committee members, in order to develop their business acumen in fields related to their functional role.

3. Fundraising and Awareness


Leading up to race day the Organizing Committee organises awareness and fundraising events in their city. They oversee their city’s fundraising, corporate partnerships, and work closely with schools & communities to bring awareness of what modern-day slavery is.

4. Execution and Handover


The Organizing Committee oversee and are responsible for race planning, preparation, and execution. Our role is to support and make sure they have everything they need to be successful in their roles. The Organizing Committee’s responsibilities are not finished at the end of the 24 Hour Race. After race day, it’s time for follow-up and handover, soliciting feedback, providing diligent reporting, and closing partnerships to ensure a foundation for the growth of the 24 Hour Race the following year. After the handover is complete, we are are ready to recruit next year’s group of amazing student leaders.


Our movement in numbers



schools involved 


student race leaders


youth participants 

9 million

HKD raised by us

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Our Story

It all started in Hong Kong 2010 when a student from Li Po Chun Christopher Schrader, had the vision to unite extreme youth endurance with philanthropy in an event known as the 24 Hour Race.

The idea was simple; student teams would compete in an entirely student-led, endurance relay race, over the course of 24 hours to raise awareness and funds to fight against human trafficking.

Since 2010, the race has expanded from Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur, San Francisco, Tokyo, Singapore, and Cardiff and has quickly become one of the largest youth-led abolitionist movements in the world.


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