“The 24 Hour Race gave me the opportunity to make a large tangible change while meeting incredible people along the way. This was an opportunity for me to develop as an individual and also rally a group of people towards a common goal.”

— William Kwok, Hong Kong Director 2015


Who are Student Directors


The people who go through the 24 Hour Race, this becomes their first step in a longer journey of social entrepreneurship. We see this with directors who graduated 4 to 5 years ago who often accredit their success to what they did when they were 16 or 17 working at the 24 Hour Race.


Not only does The 24 Hour Race provide directors with an opportunity to make a tangible impact on society, but it also adds an interesting chapter to their last years in high school. All of our past directors have gone on to top higher education institutions spanning the globe- from Europe, the United States, Australia, to across Asia.


Director roles


Executive Director


Lead your team to set strategies, goals and execute. Manage the event budget to ensure a zero cost event

Marketing Director


Engage the public in the movement and devise strategies to fundraise and advocate for 24 Hour Race efforts. Communicate to donors, volunteers and supporters the impact they are making for the cause

Operations Director


Come up with creative ways to entertain the youth audience on event day while ensuring that the serious message of the cause is conveyed 

Business Development Director


Plan, prospect and engage corporates and sponsors through event partnerships. Work across borders to create cross-city sponsorship opportunities for partners to engage in the movement

Community Director


Work to build and maintain relationships with stakeholders - runners, alumni, teachers, parents, schools, etc. Make a big event feel small. Create newsletters, organise all volunteers, and make sure thousands of high school students and adults are taken care of. 


2018 Directors


Hong Kong Directors


Genevieve Hu

Title: Events & Logistics Director

University: Harvard University

High School: Chinese Int. School


Nathan Yung

Title: Marketing and PR Director

University: University of Bristol

Major: Medicine

High School: Island School


Max Low

Title: Advocacy & Impact Director

University: Brown University

Major: Political Science

High School: Li Po Chun UWC


William Kwok

Title: Business & Development Director

University: University of Pennsylvania

Major: Economics

High School: South Island School

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Singapore Directors


Carmen Hopkins

Title: Executive Director

University: University of British Columbia

Major: Commerce

High School: Canadian Int. School


Emily Collett

Title: Executive Director

University: Events & Logistics Director

Major: Economics and International Relations

High School: Tanglin Trust School


Monday Na

Title: Marketing & PR Director

University: University of Melbourne

Major: Economics

High School: Canadian Int. School

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Seo Young Lee

Title: Business & Development Director

High School: Singapore American School
(Graduates: 2017) 

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Aileen Lim

Title: Advocacy & Impact

High School: Singapore American School
(Graduates: 2017) 

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Kuala Lumpur Directors


Cindy Leow

Title: Executive Director

University: Minerva Schools at KGI

High School: IGB International School

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Thed Jia Wei

Title: Events & Logistics Director

University: University of Warwick

High School: Garden International School

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Simran Malik

Title: Marketing & PR Director 

University: Northeastern University 

Major: International Relations

High School: IGB International School

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Zoya Ali

Title: Business & Development Director

University: University of Connecticut

Major: Economics

High School: Taylor's College Sri Hartamas

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Elena Oritz

Title: Advocacy & Impact Director

High School: International School of Kuala Lumpur (Graduates 2017)


Past Directors


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