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Fundraising is one of the core reasons why the 24 Hour Race exists. Through 24 Hour Races around the world, thousands of high school students have fundraised over HKD 9 million in a fight against slavery. We have worked with great charitable partners in projects and efforts to helps boys, girls, men, and women out of the world of slavery.



BRIGHT Conference

This coming February 23, 2019 the 24 Hour Race is hosting its first youth awareness summit and entrepreneurship challenge. An exclusive conference for high school students who have a passion or want to know more about social entrepreneurship.



School talks

Every city with a 24 Hour Race will also take part in a city-wide speaking tour. From small classrooms to large auditoriums our message is the same: “you can make a difference”.



Slavery in Fashion

Slavery in fashion is an issue the 24 Hour Race is facing head-on this year. We will be partnering with ethical brands, mobilise thousands of young consumers, and work towards higher transparency among unethical firms.




We run an 8-10 week, mini-MBA formatted program for all of our Organising Committee and student leaders to give them real insight into topics like career growth, entrepreneurship, team work, social issues, and more. Professionals around the world dedicate their time to speak and engage with our student leaders through webinar or at workshops in our office.



The Peak24 race is our corporate event (our “adult” race). It is a relay-style race where teams of 5 run a marathon around The Peak. This race is organised by HKU Interns alongside our team in HQ.

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